What's it all about?

Cheap Thrills! Zero Budget Film Festival is an independent FREE collaborative community film festival based in Sheffield with occasional outings to Loughborough.

How did it start?
The festival started in 2011 when a group of filmmakers won a prize in a video competition and decided to plough it into a community event. You can read more about our story here. 
Why Sheffield & Loughborough?
In 2013 we thought it was worth seeing if anyone else liked the idea, so we chatted to a few people in Loughborough (where one of our team lives) to find collaborators and get a venue. Success!  W
e've shown films made locally in each place for two great nights out.
How can I join in?
Take part as an audience member – or better still – make a film! We ask for movies up to about 8 minutes in length that are entertaining, and suitable for a family audience. They should also have cost nothing but your own time and effort to make - a few expenses are fine, but no serious money. If we think our audience will enjoy it, we’ll show it!
Get in touch if you have a film, or want to make a film. 


But I've never made a film before!
First of all read our FAQ's and try that! Have a go - and if you have never made a movie before - but have a story to tell - we'll do our best to find someone to help you with the technical stuff or parts of the process you are unfamiliar with. Just get in touch.  

What does it cost?
Cost! The festival is cheap and our mission is to make it bigger, better and even cheaper each year. 
The festival is created from donated time, resources, good will & everyone’s creativity.
It’s free to enter your film, it’s free to come to the festival.


So - has that explained it all? No? Just get in touch. Yes - right, in that case - Make a Movie!