Peter Applerock


Janet Currie 

Script writer extrordinaire, Peter is a seething powerhouse of IDEAS. He secretly hates Martin and his free and bloody easy approach to film making. Peter makes proper films, with high production values, he is a lion lead by a donkey.

Janet is promoting the team and the event as something of real value to the community, and frankly pages like this don't help.

Can we all please move on?


A dynamic superhero team up of BIG HITTERS, we hit the ground running, and we keep running. Big big business is what we're all about, the sky is the limit, and there is no limit, so there is NO SKY, and we reach these limitless heights by putting on FREE FILM FESTIVALs in Pitsmoor and Loughborough.

Martin W Currie

Visionary auteur of stupid little films

Steve is a man of many media. He can take perfectly sensible materials and nail, weld, splice, hotglue, paste and mindmeld them into something puzzling and inexplicable. This is called ART and there's no arguing with it.

He secretly hates Martin for his slavish adherence to films that are entertaining, if Steve had his way we'd be watching plastic pigeons being beheaded on a continuous loop for seven hours. He is a danger to us all.

Martin makes corporate videos on topics of such mind bending tediousness, that he seeks escape in the world of stupid little films. He cares not if the acting, camerawork, sound or basic concept are high quality, as long as the edit is tight and the final result is entertaining.

He builds ray guns in his spare time, reads comics, plays with his children's toys and really should grow up! 

We are looking for people who have never made a movie before, but who have a story to tell.

We will help you put an audience in front of it.  Contact us for a chat


Steve Pool