Thank you - 2013


It's time for the Cheap Thrills Zero Budget Film Festival 2013 thank yous, and this year, it's a monster. We are applying the zero budget philosophy to all aspects of the festival, and this year staged two events for under two hundred quid, with your donations we came awfully close to zero. Not spending money and it being a totally voluntary undertaking means we are dependent on people's kindness, hard work, enthusiasm and support, so I have many, many people to thank.



Let's start with our filmmakers. Well take a bow everyone, easily the strongest set of daft and not so daft little films we have fielded.


Some special mentions, well done Binky, the film everyone named as one of their favourites. What this says about our audience I don't know, but Darren they liked your film .........Well done, or overdone, Peter and Linda, with the wonderfully understated Frankenstein cake, and further thanks Peter, for the excellent Russian section of our programme, all superb. Now we are with our international contributors, I thank La Plaza for their terrific community allotment musical, Mona, who I assumed was from Pitsmoor, but when asked why she couldn't make it to the event, replied, it was too far to travel from Egypt. Mona your enthusiasm and gratitude touched our hearts and we look forward to your next production. Greg, there is something very right with a world where a grown man can return to childhood ambitions, and fulfill them with such skill.


Well done Cookiedo parts one to three, enjoyed by all, Robin finally emerged from his brother's shadow with a great idea, well executed. I know you are proud of your films, and I am proud of you, good luck following that next year. Frankie responded to his brother's challenge with his reviews of the important stuff. For those that didn't see it, the results were...the ground...nice and sturdy, very impressed, ten points, reality.....crap, the air, disappointing flavour and colour, two points. I think you have a YouTube series their Frankie.


PETER pizzeria, thank you for the free food, spreading the word by social media and your excellent film, it all went down a storm. Thank you Gareth for the visually stunning Babel, I really hoped to meet you, and your team. Phoebe, Liam has taught you well, a really strong drama, well done Robert, a cherished project well realised that led to tears at both events. And our first time filmmaking work shoppers, not a bad film between you – it was a pleasure to work with you and I hope it has inspired you to do more!


To Seymour – who was roped in to the workshops - and to James, Jemma & Natalie from Charnwood Arts who volunteered to do the same - you all cheerfully delivered and I’m grateful for that help; and to Fernanda for getting the word out through the home school network. John and Kevin, I hope to have launched two careers there, and Fionn and Toby, I loved your sparse simple yet touching movie.



Javan, you got some more exposure, hope to hear from you again. Greta and Rudi, strong films presented in a finished, edited state, if only everyone did that, bless you both. Oh wait, the results are in, I hand you over to Janet.


Cheap Thrills! Zero Budget Film Festival - Award Winners 2013


There were 3 judges at each event charged with scoring the films out of 5 and taking the audience view into consideration. The scores were added up and awards given under various categories.


Sheffield 2013

Best International – Happy Birthday My Love – Mona Mandoh, Egypt

Best Animation – The Cat – Greta Schofield (age 13)

Overall winner – HMA Tiffin – Martin Currie, Yay, I finally made a film people understood.

Best Young Person – Cookie-Do - Robin Currie (age 9)

Best Drama – Binky – Darren Westwood

Judges Choice – Bide a While – Robert Almond


Loughborough 2013

Best International – Fortress – Dimitri Fedotov, Russia

Best Animation – The Cat – Greta Schofield (age 13)

Overall Winner – Binky - Darren Westwood

Special Sparkly Prize – The Sleepy Girl & the Thieving Music Box – Nayla Ruiz-Salfity (age 7)

Best Young Person – Spider Pig - Dylan Hallows (age 8)

Best Drama – Binky – Darren Westwood

Judges Choice – Binky - Darren Westwood

Loughborough -

Best Local Films –Joint prize:• Somnium – by Community Opportunities Loughborough & Seymour Lavine • Incident on Platform 2 – Will Smith (age 10)


If dear dear filmmaker I have not mentioned you, bear in mind we screened over sixty films across two events, and I type with one finger. I allowed no film that lacked merit into the programme and I value your contribution highly.




Thank you!

The Crew


Let's kick off with our usherettes, I received many compliments on your behalf, in fact I must single out Linda and Kadri, who worked so hard at both events. Gaby, Anne, Emma and all our sweet baggers and corn poppers, I thank you all. Jules and Darren, you really shouldered a load for us in Loughborough providing, rigging and running sound and vision – we owe you a beer. Pete – thank you for welcoming people with your trademark warmth and organising the judges for both events. Thank you Judges! Thank you Patrick for all your support, work and generous creativity. Thank you Zoe, Jane, Richard and all the crew at Fearon Hall for letting us use the space and for promoting the event. Thank you Rosanna at anon.creatives for your enthusiasm, support and just ‘getting it’! Thank you to the residents of Rectory Road who were prepared to let us put a massive projector in your upstairs rooms – and William whose bedroom we took over - we hear your brother Joe enjoyed the light show after he’d gone to bed early! Thank you to our new friends in the media Marishka, Brendan, Jenny, Charlotte, Paulette, Matt and Laurence for giving us a mention and inviting us to talk to you. And thank you Rob for your ongoing support. Thank you to everyone who said they were happy to help but don’t get a chance to – we were inundated with volunteers and didn’t have enough jobs to go round! I’m greatly cheered by the collective spirit the festivals generated. This is what keeps it going in Sheffield - Loughborough – you’ve got a great start for 2014.


Cheap Thrillers

Thank you Janet for, well what aspect weren't you involved in this year? Running our online presence, organising everyone, sorting, cleaning and tidying our venues, publicity, scrounging and blagging, leafleting, public speaking, signing in our audiences and generally picking up every clanger I dropped as I struggled with my insane workload and helping with this thank you letter. Thank you Peter, our rock, your cheerful unflappability and perpetual enthusiasm is much appreciated. Steve, you are irreplaceable and so central to what the whole event is about, you looked knackered by the end of both events, without you this festival couldn't happen. My fellow cheap thrillers, I salute you. And big thank you to Pete, Kim, Guizhen and Gaby, the festival takes up a lot of family time, your patience and continued support is not taken for granted. Thank you person I have forgotten to thank, there’s always someone, and I apologise. Finally, our audiences thank you for your support……..NOW GO MAKE ME A MOVIE!