Thank you to all our film makers. All videos can be found on our YouTube channel, more info and highlights here soon, but here are some links to our prizewinners from both events.
Prizewinner for First Time Film Maker, Loughborough, went to Janet Helena Middleton and Miss Rosehip


Grown men should know better!
Best Cheap Thrills Collaboration: Wayne Oates and Richard Currie for Red Moon Rangers. (No relation - honest!)
Top Film at both festivals was A Fistful Of Conkers by Liam Henderson. Excellent!
Exactly the sort of film we were set up to make. 'Left' by Heather Dewick.
The equivalent of 'Binky' for 2014. Again if you like this, you're EVIL! M&S Hedgehog by Dominic Ewan. We all invariably LOVED it!