=Award Nominated

7.00 30 min countdown


7.30 King of crows by Braver than Fiction, Sheffield.


7.35 Natural Love by Kuesti Fraun, Germany


7.36 The Man and the Trees, by Dani Pucz, Hungary


7.38 Spirals in my garden by Simon Willerton


7.39 Big fat balloon cat, by Nathalie Josephine, Netherlands


7.41 Marinker reads Milligan 1


7.42 Return of the Worm, by Samuel Galloway, Australia


7.44 Hamudi by Amir O Steklov


7.48 Toon Busters by Robin Currie, Sheffield


7.52 Gumball by by Hunter Hopewell, USA


7.56 Cradle by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran


8.00 To kill or not to kill by Alvaro Ron, Spain


8.04 Two hamsters one wheel


8.05 Autumn Leaves by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran


8.09 Marinker reads Milligan 2


8.10 Inter Mission


8.16 The Astronaut by Olga Guse, Russia


8.25 Halloumi cheese by the Balkan Bandits, UK


8.29 Coffee, Table by Chocolatebear


8.33 Christmas balls by Danielle Fortier.


8.34 The Push by Alexey Naumov, Russia


8.45 A picture frame by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran


8.47 Capacities by Kuesti Fraun, Germany


8.47 I...you by Matt Freeth, UK


8.47 1 nil by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran


8.48 Viva el rey by Jorge Mario Zuleta,


8.49 Pitsmoor Raven by Martin Currie


8.57 Moonsong


8.59 Match of the Day by Eric Pye


9.01 The orange gunny by Mehrdad Zahraei, France


9.05 He MUST by Frankie Currie


9.06 Childrens allowance by Brian Stynes, Ireland


9.14 Marinker reads Milligan 3


9.15 Inter Mission


9.30 Space Oddity by Chris Hadfield, Canada


9.36 Start by Jean-Marie Villeneuve, France


9.41 Radio by Marko Crnogorski, Macedonia


9.50 When my ship comes in by Roy Eisenstein, USA


9.51 The Fantoms by Iuliia Kushnarenko, Russia


9.57 T.R.O. by Roy Eisenstein, USA


9.59 Begance by Pol Diggler


10.03 Terra 2084, by Nuno Sá Pessoa, Portugal


10.16 Dogtail by Swathy Deepak, India


10.20 Tuck me in by Ignacio F. Rodó, Spain


10.21 Marinker reads Milligan 4


10.23 Close


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