Cheap Thrills! 2011

We won a prize in a video competition and ploughed it into a community event. It was only supposed to be a one off, but here's where it all began. The entire progamme can be found on our YouTube channel

Intro to the festival and two music videos, the waltz by the Wilful Missing, and over the hills and far away by Treebeard.

Dark Sorrow, a short depressing film by Peter Applerock, Winner of Cheap Thrills 2011 grand jury prize.

Black or White?

By Debbie Howard

Artist in Residence

Part 1 of 4

by Steve Pool

Stupid Science

Scholarly but not dry.

Artist in Residence

Part 2 of 4

by Steve Pool

Visiting our neighbours.

Sounds simple enough doesn't it, not in Hebron.

Artist in Residence

Part 3 of 4

by Steve Pool

Running Time

by Jackie Jones

Artist in Residence

Part 4 of 4

by Steve Pool

Tube of Terror

by Martin Currie

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